Privacy Policy

1. Basic Concept

The Middle Molecule IT-based Drug Discovery Laboratory (MIDL) of the Tokyo Institute of Technology shall comply with laws and regulations including the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," and "Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Personal Information Protection Regulations", and shall collect the information of those who use this site to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of services (information provision, reception of various opinions, etc.) provided by this site according to the following policy. The usage and management of the collected information shall be performed by MIDL, and it shall be handled properly within the scope of the usage purpose.

2. Scope of Collected Information

 (1) When an opinion, suggestion, inquiry, etc., is submitted to MIDL, the name, address, telephone number, etc., that are entered by the sender is collected, and for inquiries by e-mail, etc., the email address of the sender displayed to the recipient is collected.

 (2) This site automatically collects information such as the internet domain name, IP address, and the viewing of our site. For this purpose, embedded Cookies and JavaScript are used.

 (3) This site uses the access analysis tool Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. to collect access information to this site in order to understand the usage status of this site. This collected traffic data is anonymous and does not identify individuals. Data provision can be declined by disabling cookies. The data collected through Google Analytics is managed according to Google's privacy policy. Please see the Google Analytics website for the terms of use and privacy policy of Google Analytics.

3. Usage Purpose

The opinions, etc., collected in the above 2.(1) shall be used as reference information for future business operations. In addition, names, e-mail addresses, addresses, and telephone numbers shall be used to answer inquiries and to contact for verification. Furthermore, depending on the contents of the opinion/inquiry, the collected information may be forwarded to related departments at the Institute.

4. Restrictions on Use and Provision

The use and provision of personal information collected via this site shall be limited to the scope necessary for the achieving of the above 3. "Usage Purpose," but it may be provided to a third party outside the university if a request for disclosure is made according to laws and regulations, if an illegal act occurs such as unauthorized access or a threat, or there is another special reason, or if prior consent is obtained from the actual person.

5. Management of Personal Information

MLDL shall maintain the accuracy of the held personal information, and shall take appropriate information security measures to prevent unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc., in order to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

6. Disclosure, Correction, etc., of Personal Information

In principle, we cannot respond to requests for disclosure of information about persons who have posted an "inquiry," etc.

Other Information

This Privacy Policy shall apply only to this site. Keep in mind that this Privacy Policy may be revised as needed.